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Addiction recovery for drug and alcohol abuse starts by taking the first step.

We give you the recovery programs you need to have a better future of sustained sobriety. Let us match you with the appropriate addiction treatment facilities suited for your specific addiction and desired location throughout the United States.

At First Step To Freedom, we offer custom tailored treatment and addiction recovery plans depending on the needs of each individual client. With recovery and sobriety as the main objective, First Step To Freedom formulates the best treatment options and develops a concrete plan that will provide the most effective long term solutions. We’re not only looking for the quickest course of action, but our team at First Step To Freedom is looking to a future of long-term sobriety while recovering from addictions.

The main objective in starting the client’s journey to freedom from addiction begins with a phone consultation. This first step requires that the addicted one or confidant share various details that will better aid our professionals in creating a complete evaluation. This information will include asking about the client’s current life situations and the substance or substances that they are struggling with. From there, First Step To Freedom’s professional staff can now compile this information to help make a direct decision for the client in regards to treatment services and location. Through our varied network of rehab treatment centers throughout the United States our staff can make the proper decision, based on each client’s needs, in providing most effective help and the best rehab center for recovering from each individual’s specific challenges and addiction. Through these important and necessary first steps can the client triumph over addiction, realizing their true potential in life.

Once First Step to Freedom has utilized the tools developed in the initial interview the client can then be welcomed into one of our accredited facilities. A primary therapist from one of the networked treatment centers will then create the most effective approach for our client. The eventual goal is provide a well formulated after care plan for the path of recovery. Just remember, First Step To Freedom’s number one goal is to customize the best possible accommodations and care based on the individual client’s needs.

Following treatment completion the work at First Step to Freedom is not over. We are devoted to providing confidence, encouragement and comfort during the entire recovery process. This is to ensure complete assistance and support in the progression throughout aftercare. No matter what possible setbacks an individual may face, our mission is never done when you take your First Step to Freedom.

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